Lock the Car and Other Commonsense Gun Stuff

Lock the Car and Other Commonsense Gun Stuff

In recent news out of Wilmington, North Carolina, there is a report of more than 30 guns being stolen in 2017 as a result of gun owners leaving their vehicles unlocked overnight with guns inside. The police chief implores gun owners to be responsible, take guns inside, and stop allowing their firearms to end up in the hands of criminals. Owning a gun is a responsibility that should be taken very seriously. Keeping firearms safely locked away is only commonsense and one of the basics of gun safety. With the heated debate that continuously goes on in the U.S. as to whether or not our 2nd Amendment gun rights make sense, being responsible is a way for gun owners to strongly defend their point of view.

Gun Safety Rules

Every defender of the 2nd Amendment knows how essential it is for citizens of any free country to have the freedom to buy and own guns. This privilege seems to be threatened every time a tragic shooting makes the headlines. Of course, guns don’t shoot themselves. But they can be very dangerous, even when they aren’t in the hands of criminals. The following are gun safety rules every gun owner should at all times practice:

  • Don’t be haphazard when handling a gun. Always assume a gun is loaded. The first thing to do is check to see if there is ammunition in a gun. Anyone who doesn’t know how to do this should leave a firearm alone and ask for help from someone who has experience with guns.
  • Practice pointing a gun only in a “safe direction,” which means that if there is an accidental discharge, no one will be injured. A gun should only be pointed toward an object you intend to shoot and never toward a person, including the shooter himself or herself.
  • A finger should never be placed on the trigger until you are positioned and ready to shoot. At all times keep your finger outside the trigger guard and off of the trigger until it’s time to shoot. Resting your finger on the trigger may seem natural and may be comfortable, but it is extremely dangerous. If, for instance, you are startled because of a sudden noise, it’s natural for muscles to contract in such a situation. You could pull the trigger accidentally.
  • Take needed training courses so that you know how to operate your firearm. Do not assume that various models of guns and rifles operate the same. Become familiar with the mechanical components of your gun, including how to properly load it, unload ammunition, and clear a malfunction.
  • Never shoot a gun if there is any doubt about how safe it is, such as whether other people are near the target you are aiming at.
  • Safely and securely store your gun to prevent unauthorized use.

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