Recent D. C. Wins for Gun Owners and a True Story of Self-Defense

Recent D.C. Wins for Gun Owners and a True Story of Self-Defense

There may not be much getting accomplished in Congress these days, but there have been some pro-gun victories this year. For anyone who knows the importance of the 2nd Amendment, legislation moving in the direction of protecting the rights of gun owners is something to celebrate. Partly due to the pressures of pro-gun groups, plans for federal health care to begin collecting information about gun owners were defeated in D.C. In addition, language that would have given the Food and Drug Administration jurisdiction over hunting devices was removed from recent legislation. In February 2017, an Obama-era rule meant to prevent an estimated 75,000 people with mentally disabilities from owning guns was defeated. This law threatened to take guns from soldiers suffering from PTSD. The most important reason legal gun ownership should be encouraged among law-abiding citizens (not made more difficult) is that it helps to reduce crime and it save lives.

A true story

It’s essential to protect the rights of gun owners because if individuals were discouraged from owning guns, they would be more vulnerable to criminals. The following is a story of a man and woman safely in their own home when they became unsuspecting targets of an attempted crime that seemed to be made with some kind of terrifying intent:

  • In a July 2017 report of recent incidents in which a gun owner “saved the day,” Monck’s Corner is mentioned. A home in South Carolina’s Monck’s Corner became the target of a carefully planned invasion. A woman dressed the part of being a representative of the homeowner’s association. She had a fake name badge and began asking the female homeowner at the door some questions. The woman at the door then signaled for a male accomplice, who was carrying a pistol and rope and wearing a mask. The accomplice rushed toward the front door. The female homeowner screamed and closed and locked the door. As the male perpetrator kicked in the front door, the male homeowner fired four shots through the door, which killed the perpetrator. The decision was made by prosecutors and police officers that no charges should be brought against the homeowner, having concluded that he shot in self-defense. Police suspect that the would-be attackers had the rope for a nefarious purpose.

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Anytime someone shoots another person, even in self-defense, they become vulnerable to possible prosecution. This Carried by Six T-Shirt makes it clear that sometimes shooting in self-defense is necessary and worth the risk of being brought before a jury of 12. Even these rights are all still protected by our government. It’s important to get involved with legislation that protects all of our Constitutional rights as citizen gun owners.

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