A Toast to Women with Guns

A Toast to Women with GunsA recent news article reveals that the average number of firearms owned by U.S. citizens is 89 guns per 100 people. This is a far greater number of guns per capita than in any other country. There’s no doubt we have a gun culture. Anyone who appreciates this Let’s Do Shots T-shirt realizes that gun ownership by citizens is a very good thing. Other statistics in the same article would seem to present a strong argument against guns. But no one can convince the majority of us that we are safer with restrictive gun laws. We know that politically correct rhetoric is dangerous. So it’s best just to be bold about our knowledge that we’re all safer when everyday citizens are armed. And let's not forget that women can especially benefit from the added protection provided by firearms.

Women with Guns

In an article about how women with guns are good for everyone, it is pointed out that women are arming themselves more and more. On college campuses, where there is much talk about a campus rape culture, it makes sense for a female to carry protection. Men are obviously biologically stronger and larger, which makes females fairly easy targets. This is the advantage equalized by a handgun.

Walking through dark campuses at night after studying at the library, for instance, doesn’t have to be so terrifying. It’s really something to celebrate with a round of shots at the local bar, when a woman is equipped to protect herself. Police officers are invaluable to our society and help to prevent rampant crime. Obviously, however, they can’t be everywhere all the time.

The growing number of women who are purchasing guns has led to innovation in the gun industry. Women’s garments are now available that are designed for women to carry a concealed weapon, such as the popular single stack 9mm pistol. Undergarments and purses are available that have the same purpose.

Something to Celebrate

For about 20 years, monthly firearm sales continue to increase. Gun owners of the female persuasion have a lot to do with these heartening statistics. Considering the fact that many cities with funds mishandled by politicians are cutting their police forces, we need to offset the decrease in officers. Because of the natural differences in strength between the two sexes, it’s commonsense that women are safer when they can carry a concealed weapon.

Get the T-Shirt

With approximately half of the politicians in the U.S. pushing for gun control on some level, gun ownership is not something we should take for granted. In this political climate, trends such as more women carrying handguns give us reason to raise our glasses in a celebratory toast. And then fire a few rounds at the local gun range with a few of our fellow gun owners. Get your Let’s Do Shots T-Shirt today and wear it proudly.

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