Fake Headline: A Gun Went on a Shooting Rampage

Not a Real Headline: A Gun Went on a Shooting Rampage

The argument about gun rights gets loud every time there’s a high-profile shooting incident. Does it really make sense to blame guns when people kill? This If Guns Kill T-Shirt is the perfect answer. “If guns kill people, I guess pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk, and spoons make people fat.” This is a funny shirt but it would be even funnier if there weren’t so many people who actually believe gun rights should be banned. Thankfully, this right is protected in the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and can’t easily be taken away.

Why We Have the 2nd Amendment

Considering that gun-toting citizens can evoke the Wild West, have we failed to evolve? Yes! We have failed to evolve into lunacy. Gun rights are critical, if we are going to keep the U.S. free. For the Founding Fathers, refusing to mess with gun rights was partly to keep citizens prepared if a militia was needed to fight a resurgence of British forces. Governments are still a threat to us, and those forces could include the government seated in Washington D.C. Never give those with greatest influence too much power. We could be sold to the highest bidder for the gain of a few, if we weren’t armed to the teeth. Anyone who doesn’t think a majority of politicians are already sellouts at the expense of the American people isn’t awake and paying attention. But no need to panic! Since many millions of guns are owned by law-abiding citizens, we should be just fine.

Prohibition Doesn’t Work

The cities in the U.S. with the strictest gun laws give law-breakers an advantage over everyday citizens. Such cities are the most dangerous places. Chicago, for instance, has very strict gun laws. Of all global cities, it is considered the deadliest. In Australia, a gun ban was met with widespread cooperation in 1997. Afterwards, murders involving guns rose by 19% and incidents of armed robbery rose by 69%. Whenever prohibition of anything occurs, a problem doesn’t go away. Instead, criminals flourish more than ever.

Guns Don’t Kill, Actually

A gun does not fire of its own accord. If someone is injured or killed by a gun, it’s because a human being or some other moving force pulled the trigger. For a more permanent message worthy of Captain Obvious, get this If Guns Kill T-Shirt.

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