Celebrate Comic Con with Real Life Superheroes!

This weekend is New York Comic-Con, and while we might rejoice in our love of Earth's mightiest heroes and beyond, there's nothing like giving back to our heroes in our neighborhood. 

Take a look at some examples of real-life superheroes and make sure you thank them for saving the world (okay, maybe just a cat from a tree) today!

Superheroes in your community!

Police Officers
When something goes wrong, these guys and gals put everything aside to enforce the law. From protecting our schools and churches to detecting and apprehending criminals, these guys do it all.
From car accidents to help in natural disasters, it is police officers that deserve the utmost respect for being a superhero. They do fight criminals, after all! Donate your time or snack packages to help these guys get through their day.

They do more than just put out fires - they risk their lives every day. With knowledge about fire safety and a passion for what they do, you can count on a firefighter to make sure that a job is done the right way. Plus, have you seen how much that equipment weighs?

They're quick, they're cool, and they can drive fast. EMTs are superheroes at all times. With hours of training on medical responses, these usual volunteers put their knowledge and guts to the test every day, never knowing what their day is going to be like. 

When you head to the ER, who is waiting for you but the lovely nurses. They do the dirty work, take the blood, and get you ready for what's next. Their caring demeanor no matter the emergency makes them a contender on this list for the best emergency responder and real-life superhero.

Where would we be without doctors? These heroes provide patients with answers they so desperately need. 

If it weren't for them, we wouldn't even know what we know now. Teachers are heroes because they put so much effort into their every day and more that we will ever know.

Just like the EMTs, paramedics work towards making sure everyone is okay all the time. We praise these heroes for their calmness during emergencies and vast knowledge of medical procedures.

And of course, where would we be without the heroes of the military. If not for them fighting for our country, we would constantly live in fear. 

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