Honor Your Troops with Ways To Give Back On National Day Of Service And Remembrance

The anniversary of September 11 may have passed but you can always show that you never forget. 

ways you can give back to troops on 9-11 and every day

Here are just a few of the many ways you can give back so you can remember. 

Collect Care Packages - Get your office, school, or family to donate care packages. Visit the support our troops' website to see items they need that you can put together and ship to help those overseas, fighting for our country, just like they did post-9-11.

Sponsor A Care Package - Too busy to put together a package yourself? For a small fee, you can sponsor a care package to be sent overseas to someone in need.

Volunteer on September 11th
Giving back on 9-11 means helping and commemorating the victims of the attack. Perform or good deed in honor of the community. You can even lookup people connected to the victims and reach out to show you will never forget.

Donate to 9-11 Charities
Tuesday's Children  - A charity that provides healing and resources for those affected by violence or terrorist attacks.
Search Dog Foundation - Recruits dogs to partner with first responders to provide help for those in need.
Heart 9-11 - This team of first responders team formed after 9-11 and hopes to bring support to those affected by a disaster in the future.
Voices of September 11th - Helping family and communities heal after tragedy.
Wounded Warrior Project - Offers programs and events for wounded veterans.

Fly Your Flag
 Put your American flag at half-mast to remember and pay respects to the lives lost during this sad day.

Participate in 9-11 Stair Club
Check your local park or school for the 9-11 stair climb, honoring those who lined the stairs during the attacks.

Talk to Your Children - Remember. Teaching them about the day, why it's important, and how to understand this fateful day will help you pass along the message - we never forget.

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