California Gun Laws: All You Need To Know

California gun laws are some of the most restrictive in the state. What does that mean exactly? It means there are a lot of things you need to do before you can legally own a gun in the golden state. Check out our guide for California gun law basics so you can exercise your right to the second amendment!

california gun laws

California has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the United States. 

1. You must have a firearm safety certificate. 
Taking a class in gun handling might actually help you learn how to yield your weapon faster. You must have taken a course and have a certificate from California in order to proceed with purchasing a licensed firearm.

2. Written Test
Californians must take a written test and pass in order to acquire a firearm. Hey, if you need it for a license why not a firearm? Study hard so you can enjoy your gun stress-free.

3. Magazine Capacity Restriction
CA restricts anyone from making, distributing, selling, giving, lending, or receiving any large magazines to others. These large magazines can fit up to ten rounds of ammunition in firearms. 

4. Handguns In Vehicles
Finally, some good news. Licensed owners are allowed to store their handguns in their cars. Protection of yourself and your property is all a part of the first amendment, right?

5. Background Checks
As of June, California requires background checks on anyone who purchasing ammo. However, there is a loophole to this - if a gun owner is already cleared, they can pay a dollar to get spot checked for any recent crimes or misdemeanors and then go on their merry way. 

It's safe to say that California is a pretty liberal state, so if you're a gun owner and proud of it, this might not be the state to move to. With more and more states taking action for gun laws, stay with us for your news on second amendment rights and your right to bear arms.


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