News: What Do Recent Mass Shootings In America Mean For Gun Owners?

recent updates on gun laws in texas and ohio

On August 10th, two young adults entered two different public places and opened fire, killing many people. 

In El Paso, a shooter opened fire at a Texas Wal-Mart, where he targeted Hispanics. El Paso is a known popular Mexican place due to its proximity to Mexico. 22 people were killed.

In Dayton, a shooter opened fire on a popular bar, Ned Peppers, on a popular street in Ohio. 10 people were injured.

The most common question for gun owners: Are gun laws going to change?

Check below for recent news on your 2nd amendment rights.


Next month, Texas gun laws will progress. Here are the details:

School Grounds: This law states that schools cannot prohibit licensed gun owners from having a gun in their locked car in the school parking lot so long as they are not in plain view. 

Marshals: This bill loosens restrictions on how many marshals can be in a school district.

Foster Homes: Foster homes may keep guns in their homes, provided it is locked and for personal protection.

Apartments: Landlords cannot prohibit gun owners from keeping a gun in their apartment. 

During A Disaster: If a resident is evacuating Texas, residents cannot be charged with transporting their firearms over state lines.

Places Of Worship: Churches cannot prohibit gun owners from keeping their firearm on them in a place of worship. 

Those who own a firearm will be happy to know their rights are not being restricted after the tragedy.


Red Flag Law: This bill introduced by Ohio's governor states that a judge is allowed to confiscate a gun from anyone who may pose a threat to themselves or others.

Not much else to report on Ohio's gun laws for now. 

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