Back The Blue: Small Ways You Can Support Your Local Law Enforcement

With all the controversy surrounding cops, you need to show your support now more than ever. Check out some tips below for small actions and gifts to give to show your local law enforcement that you appreciate their work every day.

ways to support your police officers

1. Say, "Thank You!" to a police officer
This one takes just a few seconds. If you see a police officer, just show some gratitude for all that they do. 

2. Wear Blue
By wearing blue, you can show your support for the police that risks their lives every day. Even if you don't know any cops, this is a good way to show your support in style.

3. Got Children? Write Thank You Letters
Ask children to write thank-you letters or make thank you cards or make pictures for the local police. It is sure to put a smile on their faces!

4. Organize An Event
If you're a planner, get everything in order and organize an event or rally. A bake sale, a concert, a walk-a-thon, whatever! Local law enforcement is sure to participate and everyone in the community can get involved.

5. Get Trending
Share your story on social media! If you've been impacted positively by a cop, share your story on social media and get some positive air going around police in cyberspace.

6. Bring Over Some Goodies
Bake (or buy something from the store, we won't tell) for your local law enforcement. Working around the clock like these individuals won't leave much room for food, but you can solve that. Drop off muffins, brownies, or another treat at your local police department to show you care.

7. Pay It Forward
Next time you see an officer in the coffee shop, the donut shop, or the fast-food drive-thru, pay for his meal/drink/treat of choice! He will appreciate the fact that you support him on the job!

8. Make Goodie Bags
Create goodie bags for your local police officers! These are great because officers are constantly on the go. Put a power bar, water, tissues, pens, and more supplies into a freezer gallon bag and drop them off at the municipal complex to show you back the blue.

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