News For Gun Owners: The NRA Shuts Down Production Of NRATV

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The National Rifle Association, for those who are not familiar, is a United States non-profit organization that advocates for gun rights for all Americans. If you're on this page and you're not a supporter of this group, you probably should be - they push for 2nd Amendments freedom for all Americans.

Since 2016, the National Rifle Association has produced NRA TV, a 24-hour streaming service where those who pushed for 2nd Amendment freedoms were able to push their ideas. The face of this platform was Dana Loesch, who was nationally criticized after the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas Shooting for her voice on gun control in regards to permits to own a gun amongst other pro-2nd Amendment views. She has since been removed as the face of NRA TV.

So What Happened?
NRA TV, the voice of the NRA, was shut down due to loss of funding and many other problems that have been lying below the surface with this organization. On top of the loss of funding, the USA congress is conducting multiple investigations on how the NRA is getting its funding in the first place. The NRA also cited no return on investment of the service and low production of ideal content was part of their decision to stop producing anything on its service. 

Meanwhile, their top lobbyist Christopher W. Cox has resigned from his position after a suspension due to claims made against him. 

So, What's Next?
It may seem like the NRA isn't the most organized at the moment, but no need to worry. It seems that with the loss of new content on NRA TV, old content seems to not have ceased. 

Hopefully, this means the NRA may push forward and get a better lobbyist, clear up the congress investigations, and move further along in their push for Second Amendment rights. 

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