Celebrating Freedom Of The 2nd Amendment: The Best States To Own A Gun In

4th Of July is around the corner - no matter how you're celebrating you can be sure that defending your rights as an American in style is not something you'll have to worry about.

By celebrating the 2nd Amendment, you are also celebrating freedom.

Check out the best states to own a gun in so you can let your freedom flag fly.

best states to own a gun in

1. Alaska
At the top of our list (it's alphabetical, after all) is an unlikely character. Alaska may not be the first one that you think of when speaking about open carry and permits, but it's a contender for gun owners who want to carry their weapon anywhere.
In Alaska, there aren't too many requirements to own a firearm and open carry is allowed. Protection and hunting for gun owners go together nicely in Alaska, and with a gun, the world is your oyster.

2. Arizona
Arizona is a southwestern state, so it's no surprise that it takes a spot on this list. Anyone 21 years or older is allowed to purchase a weapon. Unlike its predecessor on this list, however, owners must take a safety course prior to getting their hands on one. Once they have it, open carry is allowed.

3. Georgia
God bless Georgia, the state that allows members of the active military to own a weapon at 18. Others must wait until 21 before getting a permit, which is needed for handguns. Open carry is allowed with a license here, and while it seems strict, it is actually lenient compared to other states.

4. Kansas
Kansas is a state that might be misconstrued as gentle (Thanks for that, Dorothy) but their gun laws sure aren't. Those who want to own a gun don't need a permit and can carry their weapons openly.

5. Kentucky
They don't kick off the horse races with a gunshot for nothing! Get to the races with your gun when you get your hands on one after completing a firearms safety course. A permit is also required for handguns upon completion of the course.

6. Mississippi
The good ol' deep south! There's nothing like it! In Mississippi, owners can get a gun easily with liberal laws. You can carry your gun in your purse, holster, sheath, handbag, or satchel with ease - and no one stopping you. Gotta love open carry!

7. Missouri
Missouri has one of the best gun laws in the United States (it is why they're on this list, after all.) No permit is required to have one and feel free to put in on display because open carry is allowed. The right to bear arms is respected in Missouri - you can even get a permit if you want one, but it's not required.

8. Montana
One of the three "cowboy" states on this list, Montana is a western state with gun culture. Naturally, open carry is allowed in this state however the permit law is different than most. Permits are required for most Montanans that want to carry a concealed firearm in a city or town.

9. Texas
Our second "cowboy" state, Texas gun laws are probably some of the most prominent in the United States. Anyone over the age of 18 can own a gun so long as they are not a felon. Like other states, Texas required a carry permit for handguns only. Everything is better and bigger in the Lone Star state, including their second amendment laws.

10. Utah
Those 21 years of age or older can work their way over to get a gun in Utah. A permit is required for both long guns and handguns while open carry is allowed - sometimes. If the gun is not loaded with ammunition, owners may openly carry their firearms. However if there ammunition, users must provide a permit. Safety is key in Utah, but they still respect the 2nd Amendment!

11. Wyoming
Our final "cowboy" state is here with 2nd amendment laws that you can get behind. Owners in Wyoming do not have to carry their firearms with a permit. Open carry is allowed for those who want to keep their protection on them at all times.

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