Support the 2nd Amendment with Top Gun, an 80s Throwback

Top Gun T-shirt - Click here to buy!There’s nothing better than an iconic movie to serve as inspiration for a t-shirt in support of gun rights. If you’re trolling for a 2nd Amendment t-shirt, look no further than Tactical Tees. And for a shirt about guns and a quintessential 80's movie, look no further than a Top Gun T-Shirt.

Why Top Gun is classic 80's

It was a mere three decades ago, but the 1980's were completely different and filled with unforgettable distinctions. So much about the 80's is hilarious but in a strangely cool way. Top Gun is a cinema classic that provides a strong taste of the 80's.


    • Tom Cruise became the superstar that he is in the 1980's, with other classics besides Top Gun. Which is your favorite: All the Right Moves, Risky Business, Cocktail, or maybe The Outsiders? As a staple of the 80's, Cruise and his boyish handsomeness was exploited on an epic scale.


    • Cruise was not, however, the only heartthrob in Top Gun . The movie was replete with eye candy. Val Kilmer was one of the best looking “bad guys” ever, though he turned out to be not so bad, after all. Anthony Edwards looked pretty good. Kelly McGillis and Meg Ryan were both total stunners in this 80's flick. Many site the beach volleyball scene as a high point.


    • Nicknames have never been more fun in a movie. Tom Cruise is the rebel Maverick, Val Kilmer is the cocky Iceman, Anthony Edwards is lovable Goose, Michael Ironside is Jester, Tom Skerritt is Viper, and Tim Robbins is Merlin.


    • This movie is set during the height of the Cold War, and follows the tradition of Rocky IV and Red Dawn of spotlighting the Soviet Union as bad guys. They are the adversaries in MiG's that ultimately lead to Maverick and Iceman making nice. Not as iconic as the Berlin Wall literally being torn down after Ronald Reagan said to Mikhail Gorbachev on June 12, 1987, “Tear down this wall,” but it’s nice.


    • Karaoke is included—also very 80's. “ You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling” was used as a winning pickup strategy. The singing started out pretty off-key and shaky, but then everyone joins in… clever.


  • Take My Breath Away” was the background music for the love story, to great effect. The silhouetted love scene is even more unforgettable to the romantic-at-heart.

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The right to own firearms is one of the most important rights in the US. Watching Tom Cruise on the big screen is just one of the additional perks. Get your  Top Gun T-Shirt today.

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