Great Cuddling Plus 6 More Great Things About a Gun-Toting Tomboy

Cuddle Better Ladies T-Shirt - Click to buy!A “Gun Owners Cuddle Better Ladies T-Shirt” is a great shirt to show that women with guns have their soft sides, too. It takes a little bit of tomboyishness for a woman to be a real gun-lover. There are benefits to women like that. Obviously, they cuddle better. More great attributes follow.

6 things men appreciate about a tomboy

A woman with a gun is beautiful enough to bring a tear to any man’s eye, as long as she’s not pointing it at him. For the most part, a woman who loves to shoot guns has other noticeable tomboyish traits, as well. The following are qualities a man can appreciate in a woman who also happens to be a tomboy:

  • Tomboys are more comfortable with hanging out with guys and their friends compared to girly girls. A tomboy is more likely to be interested in whatever the guys are talking about or planning to do, such as going to the shooting range. This is rare, and also very lovable.
  • No need to worry about being dragged along for an endless trip at the shopping mall if you’re going with a tomboy. These ladies are all about knowing exactly what they need, getting it, and high-tailing it out of there. There’s not the usual compulsion to check out high heels for sale or the latest styles of countless other items for the female persuasion.
  • Tomboys aren’t excessively demanding in the dating scene. A guy can make plans without sweating about disappointing a finicky female. A down-to-earth attitude is common among tomboys, and it puts a man at ease.
  • Not all women are all about drama, but the odds of dealing with drama are much smaller with tomboys. They don’t tend to have extreme emotional responses or, more specifically, histrionics. There are also fewer antics designed to gain attention. Nagging is less frequent. So, yeah!
  • A tomboy doesn’t always take the time to carefully apply makeup and make sure every hair is in place. When she does dress up, however, it’s amazing how beautiful she is. Natural is most appealing, to be sure. But there’s added oomph in seeing how nice a woman looks all fixed up, too.
  • A tomboy who also loves guns is not usually into mind games. She is honest and outspoken. She “shoots straight.” Gotta love that!

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