Avoid Encounters with Criminals in the U.S.: Buy a Handgun

Avoid Encounters with Criminals in the U.S.: Buy a Handgun

The graphic design on this Bullet Flag V-Neck T-Shirt from Tactical Tees is truly a work of art. Nothing says USA like steely resolve, and this flag fashioned with bullets represents one of the most important aspects of being an American. We must be sure that our rights to keep and bear arms are not infringed upon. You don’t have to look very far in history to see that governments cannot be trusted, because the people in power can often be corrupted. The first step in losing our freedoms is taking away our guns, or even closely monitoring them and using the information for dark purposes.

Statistics Show: Criminals Avoid Armed Citizens

The political hoopla that has been going on regarding gun control includes questions about use for hunting. The chief reason citizens need to be armed is not for hunting purposes, but for safety purposes. It’s fine to think the best of our fellow citizens, but it’s smart to be prepared for such things as a potential burglary or home invasion. Check out the following statistics that prove criminals go out of their way to avoid citizens who are armed:

  • An Atlanta, Georgia, suburb, Kennesaw, passed a law in 1982 that required the heads of households to keep a minimum of one firearm in their home. After the law passed, the residential burglary rate dropped 89% in Kennesaw. The entire state saw a drop in burglaries of only 10.4% in the same time period. The situation was re-evaluated a decade after the gun law was passed. It was discovered that Kennesaw still had a residential burglary rate that was 72% lower than it had been prior to the law’s enactment.
  • As a nation, we are far less susceptible to having our home invaded by burglars than countries in which civilians are unlikely to own firearms.
  • A safety course teaching Orlando women how to use handguns was highly publicized between 1966 and 1967. As a result, the rape rate in Orlando dropped 88% in 1967, while the rate throughout the rest of Florida and the country remained constant.

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