Be Confident, Armed Citizen

Be Confident, Armed Citizen

If you’ve ever wondered about a proper way to enter a room, look no further than this Armed Citizen Long Sleeve T-Shirt. The responses you get when wearing this comfy long-sleeved shirt will likely range from a relieved smile to shock at your audacity to flaunt gun ownership to nervousness that you may literally be equipped to defend yourself. No matter what happens, it won’t be boring.

Flaunt your swagger

When you wear a shirt advertising gun possession, you exhibit a special kind of confidence. This is a quality to be desired by male and female alike. Simply wearing the Armed Citizen Long Sleeve T-Shirt demonstrates appealing swagger, as long as an onlooker isn’t prone to be offended by guns, which definitely happens. Forget about political correctness. It’s just a ploy to change the basic tenants of an already healthy foundation in our society. Be confident. The following are reasons confidence is about as attractive a quality as you can possess:

  • You assert a leading edge when you are confident about expressing such convictions and viewpoints as a love of gun ownership. People can smell a fake a mile away. The confidence you exude draws people to engage and listen to whatever it is you’re saying.
  • Confidence encourages positivity. People don’t like those who are negative all the dang time. Confident people aren’t fazed by life’s obstacles, and they don’t get distracted from their goals. Instead, they manage situations rationally and calmly. When you have a gun, this is an especially perfect trait.
  • When people encounter a confident person, they sense that the individual is a natural leader. Following a person who can’t assert himself or herself is not appealing. Letting a motivated, driven, secure individual take the lead is a joy.
  • There is no doubt about it. Leaders have an aura that’s magnetizing. It’s just human nature to be intrigued with people who have unabashed confidence. The energy they emulate is something to be envied.
  • When you are confident, you openly demonstrate that you are secure with yourself. You believe in yourself unquestionably. Why would anyone want to follow a person who has no self-confidence? There’s no security in that. Being self-conscious is not a quality in a true leader.

Get the t-shirt

Order your own Armed Citizen Long Sleeve T-Shirt and shop for other great styles at Tactical Tees. No matter which 2nd-Amendment-Supporting shirt you wear, it will tell that world that, if nothing else, you are confident. 

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