Wearing this Shirt May Be Better than Having Dry Wit

Wearing this Shirt May Be Better than Having Dry Wit

Gun lovers and guardians of the 2nd Amendment are sure to be amused by this clever Loading…T-Shirt. Everyone can relate to data-loading symbols, especially if you are unfortunate enough to have a weak Internet signal. Putting a sign of all that’s modern together with a good ole handgun is a great way to show that some things never outlive their time. Gun ownership is an idea that was foundational to the U.S. of A. from the beginning. No matter how liberal Hollywood or Washington D.C. become or how much talk there is of stricter gun control, the Second Amendment is here to stay.

Keeping things light

Every time there is some sort of gun violence, law-abiding gun owners can now naturally expect that gun ownership is going to come under fire. Such is a current fact of life in politics. The whole situation can be a source of frustration. Rather than letting such stressful public discourse get to you, many gun owners make it a point to be barefacedly proud of their firearms. Wearing a Loading…T-shirt is the ideal way to share your humor and your unabashed love of gun rights.

Try dry humor

Since this shirt is a good example of a contradiction in word play, it makes sense to examine dry humor as a way to live easy breezy. Comedian Steven Wright famously said, “It’s a small world, but I wouldn’t want to paint it.” That is the epitome of dry wit.

Do you have dry humor? The following are qualities of this kind of funniness:

  • You keep a straight face when you’re making your witty statements. Monotone expressions and an occasional smirk help complete the delivery.
  • Your jokes are so clever; people often wonder why they never thought of your funny lines.
  • Punch lines aren’t needed.
  • People eventually realize just how funny you are. Your humor may get delayed responses, but they are also lasting.

Complications with dry wit

Just like the Internet can load too slowly and people get flack for loving guns, there can also be problems with a dry wit. Even if your sharp humor is an undeniable asset, you may notice that a few problems often arise. People may have trouble figuring out whether you’re serious, for example. You may often feel the need to explain yourself, when more humorless individuals begin to look offended or maybe confused after you’ve shared your gift. To get sarcasm across, you often need to really overdo or be prepared to explain that you’re only joking.

Get the t-shirt

There are a lot of jokes that people don’t get every day. That won’t be the case when you wear this Loading…Shirt. Get yours today.

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